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New Joint Rehab Service East Peoria IL

New Joint Rehab Service East Peoria IL Residents Will be Comfortable With

New Joint Rehab Service East Peoria ILHas your loved one recently undergone joint replacement or joint surgery? There’s no better place to recover than at Heddington Oaks, a non-profit, skilled nursing home for elderly men and women in Peoria County. This comforting facility sits on 13 acres in a quiet, residential neighborhood, offering a variety of services for our patients. One of those services includes rehabilitation. Our licensed professional therapists provide in-patient joint replacement rehabilitation, as well as physical, occupational, speech and stroke therapies. For new joint rehab service East Peoria IL residents will be comfortable with, Heddington Oaks is the solution.

Why Rehab is Critical

Thorough rehabilitation after joint surgery is critical in how well a patient recovers. We have many patients here who must go through some kind of joint replacement surgery involving the knee, hip or other joint. The surgery itself can be dangerous but the real danger comes afterwards. Your loved one needs to learn how to use their new joint so they can get back to their normal routine safely.

A regular exercise program is an integral part of recovery from this type of operation. This helps patients build up strength in the muscles around the new joint so they can get back to normal activities quickly. For that, enlist the help of our trained physical and occupational therapists.

Check out the many benefits to new joint rehab services:

New Joint Rehab Service East Peoria IL

  • Less pain and swelling
  • Restoration of normal movement in the joint
  • Assists with circulation to prevent blood clots
  • Development of strength in the joint and surrounding muscles
  • Ability to get back to normal activities quickly

Here at Heddington Oaks, patients will work one on one daily with their therapist as part of a customized physical exercise program.

Contact Us for New Joint Rehab Service in East Peoria IL

To learn more about our new joint rehab service in East Peoria IL, call Heddington Oaks at 309-636-3600. We can set up a tour of our facilities located at 2223 West Heading Ave in West Peoria IL.