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New Joint Rehab Service Peoria IL

New Joint Rehab Service Peoria IL Can Feel Good About

New Joint Rehab Service Peoria ILIf you are searching for a new, trusted joint rehab service Peoria IL can feel good about, look no further than Heddington Oaks. When your loved one undergoes joint replacement or joint surgery, there can be a very long and dangerous recovery process if rehab is not taken seriously. That’s why we offer the very best care for your loved one so they can get back to their normal routine as quickly as possible. Heddington Oaks, a non-profit, skilled care home for elderly men and women in Peoria County, is your source for a beautiful, comforting facility. Resting on 13 acres in a serene residential neighborhood, look to us to provide you with the licensed professional therapists you need for peace of mind. Our staff can provide in-patient joint replacement rehabilitation, as well as physical, occupational, speech, and stroke therapies.

Why Rehab in Peoria?

From restoration of normal movement to a decrease in pain and swelling, there are many reasons why one would need rehab joint service. Many of our patients undergo some kind of joint replacement surgery involving the knee, hip, or other joint. While the surgery itself can be a scary experience for anyone to go through, the after-effects can be even more serious. That’s why a regular exercise program is a critical part of the success of any recovery plan. This is vital in building up strength in the muscles around the new joint.

Check out these advantages to new joint rehab service in Peoria:

New Joint Rehab Service Peoria IL

  • Restoration of normal movement in the joint
  • Development of strength in the joint and surrounding muscles
  • Less pain and swelling
  • Ability to get back to normal activities as soon as possible
  • Increased circulation to keep blood clots away

Contact Us for New Joint Rehab Service in Peoria IL

Call Heddington Oaks at 309-636-3600 for new joint rehab service in Peoria IL you can trust. Schedule your appointment for a tour today at our facilities situated at 2223 West Heading Ave in West Peoria, IL.