License Your Pet

Local and state laws require all dogs and cats over four months of age be vaccinated against rabies and be licensed with a rabies tag from Peoria County.

Steps for Obtaining a License

  1. Get your pet vaccinated against rabies at your local veterinary office or low cost clinic. Remember, a three year vaccination requires you get a three year tag!  All Peoria County veterinary offices issue the Peoria County rabies tags at the time of vaccination.

  2. If you didn’t get your tag at your Vet or if your pet is already vaccinated, you can email the certificate to PCAPS at You can even snap a photo of the certificate and email the photo to us!

    1. Then, click here to purchase your tag online. Payments will be processed, only after the rabies certificate has been received and verified. You will receive your tag in the mail.

    2. You can also mail a copy of your rabies certificate, along with a check for the appropriate dollar amount to PCAPS 2600 NE Perry Ave. Peoria, IL 61603. We will mail your tag back to you.

Local laws require the registration within 10 days of vaccination - so don’t forget to purchase your tag!

Rabies Registration Tag Feeskatie

  • Spayed or Neutered Pets
    • One Year: $18 
    • Three Year: $54
  • Unaltered Pets
    • One Year: $36
    • Three Year: $108

If you have a three year vaccination, you must obtain a three year rabies registration tag.

Puppy & Kitten Rabies Vaccination Tags

The Peoria County Board approved a revised policy for puppy and kitten rabies registration tags. If you vaccinate and register your puppy or kitten before six months of age - paying the $36 registration fee - and then have your pet spayed or neutered within 6 months, your next one year rabies registration tag is free!

Pet owners who register pets at that age will receive a coupon in the mail entitling them to the free registration. If you lose your coupon, don't worry - PCAPS will still honor the free registration. Just call the office at 309-672-2440 for help.

Protect Your Pet with A Rabies Tag

A lost pet with a rabies tag can find its way home and animals wearing rabies tags receive veterinary care if sick or injured. Protect your pet with a rabies tag!

Need to update your information?

Have you moved or changed your phone number?  Email us to update your information: or call our office (309) 672-2440.