County Auditor

The County Auditor is an elected official and serves a four-year term. This office performs pre-payment audits on all claims against the County.

  • Verifying accuracy of the claims submitted and the authority for expenditures
  • Recommending Payment or rejection of all invoices


The auditor's main responsibilities include:

  • Continuous, ongoing internal audits of Operations
  • Financial records of all officers, agents, or divisions of the county
  • Determining Vendor Compliance with Prevailing Wage requirements
  • Audit, approve, and maintain the Vendor database of County Vendors
  • Verification of the physical presence of County assets through audit
  • Audit of receipts of all County officers, and departments deposited with the County Treasurer
  • Review and verification of adherence to the appropriate County ordinance and/or state statute

Summary of Purpose

Protect taxpayer investment; determine compliance with County Policies and other applicable requirements (e.g., State Statutes, Federal requirements, generally accepted accounting policies, good business procedures, etc as they pertain to Peoria County).

Obtaining Information

Per Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guidelines:

Learn about the fees for public records (PDF).

Documents Stored in Auditor's Office

  • Audit Reports of Peoria County departments
  • Auditor Office procedures and Internal Informational Bulletins with employee directives
  • Auditor Policies (requirements to pay a bill; financial policies; reimbursement claims, Travel policy requirements)
  • Forms for various purposes (transmittal sheet for Claims, Voucher form, Prevailing Wage requirements, Travel Reimbursement Claim Form)
  • Prevailing Wage Compliance Audits
  • Vendor W9 Forms and Vendor Database for Peoria County
  • World War I and II Memorial purchases of inscribed brick paver