Tax Redemption

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Redemption Information

The Peoria County Treasurer’s Office holds an annual tax sale in November for all the currently delinquent real estate taxes. Once the delinquent taxes have been sold, the taxes may be redeemed in the County Clerk’s Office. Get an estimate of redemption for the property.

Redemption Process Timeline


  • The Peoria County Treasurer's Office collects payments on taxes billed in the current year.

Beginning of November

  • Unpaid taxes are sold at a tax sale. 
  • Registered tax buyers bid between 0%-9% interest, with the lowest bid winning. This interest fee is added to the balance at the tax sale and every six months thereafter.
  • If no tax buyers bid on a property, Peoria County, as Trustee for the taxing districts involved, becomes the default tax buyer at 9% interest at the tax sale and every six months thereafter.
  • After the tax sale, the County Treasurer turns responsibility for delinquent tax collection to the County Clerk. 

2-3 Years Following the Tax Sale

  • Following the tax sale, the property owner has a period of time to redeem the taxes before the potential loss of ownership occurs.
  • The default redemption period is two years from the tax sale date. However, the tax buyer can extend the final redemption date up to a maximum of three years from the tax sale date.
  • During the redemption period, interest accrues every six months and fees can be added to the redemption total without notice. 

After Redemption Period Expires

  • The tax buyer may obtain the deed to the property. A Judge will review the evidence and must be satisfied that the tax buyer has fulfilled all statutory requirements.
  • The Court orders the County Clerk to issue a tax deed, transferring property ownership to the tax buyer. The same procedure occurs if Peoria County, as Trustee, is the tax buyer.

How to Redeem Sold Taxes

Payment Amount

  • You can find a current Estimate of Redemption online.
  • Redemption must be made in one payment. Partial payments or payment plans are not allowed.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • Cashier's check, money order, or cash are acceptable forms of payment.
  • Personal, business, mortgage, or title company checks will not be accepted.
  • Certified checks and money orders should be made payable to "Peoria County Clerk."

Where to Pay

  • Redemption can be made by mail or in person to the Peoria County Clerk, 324 Main St, Room 101, Peoria, IL 61602.
  • Submit your payment with the parcel's PIN (Permanent Index Number).
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