FOIA Policy

Pursuant to the provisions of the Illinois Freedom of Information ACT (5 ILCS 140) and in the interest of providing transparency for this office, the following information is made available to the general public:


Veterans Assistance Commission of Peoria County (VACPC)


The VACPC staff consists of one fulltime VA accredited service officer, 1 administrative assistant and 8 volunteer drivers for our daily Danville and Iowa City VA Hospital schedule and local VA outpatient clinic. From time-to-time, we have a work-study intern who receives a minimum wage paid by the VA.


The VACPC office has a governing board referred to in the law as the “Commission.” The membership of the Commission Board consists of a delegate and an alternate from each endorsing veteran’s organization that operates within Peoria County. The Commission Board annually elects an executive board consisting of a president and vice president. The candidates are selected from the Commission’s membership. The Commission Board also selects and elects the superintendent. Click on the link below for a listing of the VACPC Board Members for the fiscal year of 2010. They approve the operating policies and the annual budget.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides that anyone has the right to access information except to the extent that certain records held by this office are protected from release by FOIA exemptions and the Privacy Act. However, it shall be the policy of this office to release allowable information to the fullest extent of federal and state laws.