Peoria County Highway does not oversee the townships or the township road commissioners, but we do work with these agencies and elected officials for the mutual benefit of our residents. 

For concerns about a township road, please contact the road commissioner. Township board meeting times and locations can be found on the County Clerk's Service Directory (

Not sure who manages your road? Enter your address in our Road Support Services Map.

Township Road Commissioner
Phone Number Township Supervisor
Akron Jeff Streitmatter
309-231-0744 Floyd Streitmatter
Brimfield Joseph Coyle 309-446-9609 Anthony Karl
Chillicothe Robert Hulsizer
309-579-2206 Philip "Mike" Ratcliff
Elmwood David Wagner 309-742-8877 Connie Davis
Hallock James Troglio
309-274-5259 Kevin Peterson
Hollis Dennis Beckman 309-697-6252 William Gerdes
Jubilee Tom Heinz 309-243-5741 Stephen Garnett
Kickapoo Daniel Kelch 309-691-1518 Karl Koy
Randy Neal
309-697-3521 Derek Roemer
Logan Joel Woerner 309-657-7043 Wayne Satterfield
Medina W. Franklin Sturm II 309-579-3101 John Dawson
Millbrook Matthew Perham 309-413-3380 Danny Powell
Peoria   309-674-8237 LaTrina Leary
Princeville Darrell Fuchs 309-635-2520 Summer Rice
Radnor James Smith
309-243-5151 Philip Cornish
Rosefield Matthew Windish 309-303-1190 Michael Windish
Timber Timothy Woodley, Jr.
309-389-4125 Beth Coates
Trivoli David Eberley, Jr. 309-362-2668 Eric Stanley